An integrated approach to real estate

About Astra

What guides us


To improve lives through socially responsible development.


Sustainable communities filled with an abundance of opportunities for all people.


We began as a renovation company, handling diverse projects from commercial spaces to multifamily complexes, and quickly becoming a leading renovation entity in Western Canada. Leveraging this expertise, we transitioned to property acquisition and successfully turned over our own buildings.

A decade later, our path shifted towards office-to-residential conversions. Acquiring underutilized office towers for adaptive reuse, including one we renovated in our early years, marked a transformative step becoming one of the customers we once serviced. This change became a pivotal point as we embraced impact-driven development, focusing on converting underutilized commercial high-rises into vibrant multifamily complexes.

Over the years we have grown into a vertically integrated entity. From acquisition to management, our mission reflects creating positive impact. Our journey encapsulates transformation: from a renovation company to visionary developer, dedicated to spaces embodying our commitment to creating positive societal impact.

Began providing commercial renovations and performing various tenant improvements.

Conception Year

Astra Construction


Moved into large, upscale commercial renovations for REITs and property management clients.

Astra construction

Large Scale Commercial Renovations


Creation of our hazmat and restoration division and the consolidation of services for commercial clients.

Remediation Services

Astra restorations


Shifted our focus to multi-family housing renovations, securing contracts with several municipalities and large government organizations.

Multi-family Housing Renovations

Multi-family renovations


Focused on onboarding additional multi-family clients and began acquiring our own assets.

Multi-family Housing Renovations

Exponential growth



Turning over properties and introduction of a vertically integrated model to utilize the strengths of our group of companies.

Astra Real Estate (ARE)

Real estate expansion



Introduction of our coworking business model, and further investment into real estate.

Astra Real Estate (ARE)

Investment & growth



Conception of Peoplefirst Developments and implementation of our social impact philosophy. Established a focus on office-to-residential conversions.

Peoplefirst Developments

impact development


Continued growth with a focus on office-to-residential conversions.

ARE & Peoplefirst Developments

Office conversions



Acquisition of two more office towers. Increased focus on project management of complex adaptive reuse construction projects.

ARE & Peoplefirst Developments

Investment & growth



Our leadership

Our cross-disciplinary team is led by people who are experts in their respective fields and who are passionate about our collective purpose.

Maxim Olshevsky

Chief Executive Officer

Heather Weir


Vice President

Logan Smith

Chief Marketing Officer

Sagar Kohli

Chief Financial Officer

Our commitment

Our buildings offer new housing units with modern designs at rates that meet or exceed industry-established affordability and accessibility criteria.


Everyone deserves a home

We intend each of our multifamily buildings to improve housing affordability, attainability, and inclusivity.


Homes, cities, and a planet to thrive

We aim for our buildings to be socially and ecologically viable and economically sustainable well into the future.


Repurpose, reimagine, and revitalize

We aim to repurpose existing structures through creative solutions that revitalize buildings and communities.


Seen, felt, and measured

We seek development and design opportunities that tangibly support people, community, and the environment.


We aim to identify, understand, and manage risks while acting ethically and transparently with integrity. This means fostering growth and inspiring trust in all our stakeholders, and encouraging diversity throughout our organization.

Ethical conduct

Ensure that our leaders, teams, and partners represent ethical conduct and transparency in all endeavours.

Core values

Ensure that our core values of affordability, sustainability, revitalization, and impact are modelled by our business decisions.

Risk management

Set a foundation for identifying, analyzing, and managing material and systemic risks.

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