Forward-thinking, transparent, and reliable

Property Management

Property management centered on quality and performance

Our approach blends management strategies for enhanced asset performance with forward-thinking initiatives.

We customize our services to precisely match the needs of our tenants and stakeholders.

We ensure not only optimized revenue and operational efficiency, but also the incorporation of industry-leading practices and a commitment to exceptional service delivery.

Property management priorities

Our aim is to mitigate risk, enhance asset performance, foster ethical governance while maintaining socially responsible property management.

Financial Management

Advancing the evolution of workspaces

We take an innovative approach to reshape the dynamic workspace environment and support small business in an ever-evolving landscape. Below, you’ll find our three current ventures.

The Astra Business Centre offers a co-working space designed for professionals, fostering productivity. It includes ±60 individual offices and shared amenities.

Unfiltered will be Calgary’s largest co-workspace for estheticians & beauty professionals. Comprising nearly 100 spaces, it fosters the growth of independent beauty professionals.

CoFlex Industrial is a one-stop solution for all business needs – from adaptable warehouse space to flexible offices, shared amenities and on-site services.

Our commitment

Our buildings offer housing units with modern designs at rates that meet or exceed industry-established affordability and accessibility criteria.


Everyone deserves a home

We intend for each of our multifamily buildings to improve housing affordability, attainability, and inclusivity.


Homes, cities, and a planet to thrive

We aim for our buildings to be socially and ecologically viable and economically sustainable well into the future.


Repurpose, reimagine, and revitalize

We aim to repurpose existing structures through creative solutions that revitalize buildings and communities.


Seen, felt, and measured

We seek development and design opportunities that tangibly support people, community, and the environment.


We aim to identify, understand, and manage risks while acting ethically and transparently with integrity. This means fostering growth and inspiring trust in all our stakeholders, and encouraging diversity throughout our organization.

Ethical conduct

Ensure that our leaders, teams, and partners represent ethical conduct and transparency in all endeavours.

Core values

Ensure that our core values of affordability, sustainability, revitalization, and impact are modelled by our business decisions.

Risk management

Set a foundation for identifying, analyzing, and managing material and systemic risks.

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