Peoplefirst Developments

Sustainable practices driving societal impact

Peoplefirst Developments: Impact Development Partner

Peoplefirst, our development company, collaborates seamlessly with the rest of Astra to enhance lives through socially responsible development. This partnership involves integrating the core principles of affordability, accessibility, and sustainability into our projects.

To achieve our goals, we convert underutilized properties, particularly empty downtown office towers, into multifamily properties.

Through repurposing buildings that can no longer fulfill their intended purpose, prioritizing accessibility, affordability, and sustainability, we strive to develop properties that more effectively meet the needs of individuals and communities. We ensure our developments create positive impact and remain ecologically viable into the future.

Featured project

The Cornerstone

New downtown housing Calgarians can afford

The Cornerstone is one of our three newest Developments. It is a 10-floor office-to-residential conversion, will introduce 112 suites, including affordable and accessible units, to downtown Calgary and is targeted to meet green certification standards.

Two years ago, this tower sat empty and unused, depleting Calgary’s downtown vitality. Once completed, it will become a vibrant centre that brings households and foot traffic to the Core.

We are partnering with community organizations to ensure we maximize housing access and benefit to the downtown community.

Vibrant communities, urban living

Our buildings are strategically located in neighbourhoods where many families and other households want to be—close to jobs, public services, parks, shopping, entertainment, and more.

Sustainability, social impact, and community

With a firm commitment to sustainable practices, community well-being, affordability, and accessibility, we aim to embody our core values in all of our projects by prioritizing principles that create a long-term and far-reaching impact.

±1,500,000 lbs.

Recycled and donated materials being diverted from landfills

±150 businesses

small businesses supported through each of our development projects

±500 local jobs

supported through mandated local construction

> 25% savings

Our developments mandate >25% in energy and GHG savings (NECB 2017)

ESG Reporting

With firm commitment to our environmental, social, and governance values. Our dedicated ESG management role ensures consistency throughout the entirety of Astra Group.

Sasha Braun

Manager, ESG Reporting and Projects

Our commitment

Our buildings offer housing units with modern designs at rates that meet or exceed industry-established affordability and accessibility criteria.


Everyone deserves a home

We intend for each of our multifamily buildings to improve housing affordability, attainability, and inclusivity.


Homes, cities, and a planet to thrive

We aim for our buildings to be socially and ecologically viable and economically sustainable well into the future.


Repurpose, reimagine, and revitalize

We aim to repurpose existing structures through creative solutions that revitalize buildings and communities.


Seen, felt, and measured

We seek development and design opportunities that tangibly support people, community, and the environment.


We aim to identify, understand, and manage risks while acting ethically and transparently with integrity. This means fostering growth and inspiring trust in all our stakeholders, and encouraging diversity throughout our organization.

Ethical conduct

Ensure that our leaders, teams, and partners represent ethical conduct and transparency in all endeavours.

Core values

Ensure that our core values of affordability, sustainability, revitalization, and impact are modelled by our business decisions.

Risk management

Set a foundation for identifying, analyzing, and managing material and systemic risks.